Oops! You clicked on a simulated phishing testing website.

Remember these three Rules to Stay Safe Online.

Rule Number One:
  • Stop, Look, Think!
  • Use that delete key.
Rule Number Two:
  • Do I spot a Red Flag?
  • Hover over the link to view the link's true URL.
  • Verify suspicious email with the sender via a different medium.
Rule Number Three:
  • "When in doubt, throw it out." There are a thousand ways that internet criminals will try to scam you, and only one way to stay safe: Stay alert as YOU are the last line of defense!


Please Note: This message is part of a phising test provided at the request of the reciving organization not from the spoof company whose name is mentioned in the body of the email message. The purpose of this message is to demonstrate how phishing attacks can come in emails that deceptively appear to be from reputable companies.